HL7 interface

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HL7 interface

Postby TexasSleepguy » Sat Nov 05, 2005 3:21 pm

Biologic and the HL7 interface within the hospital has made my life much easier.
This allows me to view a study from anywhere.
From home I simply long into hospital network and look into the Biologic systems. I can take over the mouse and fix any problems the tech maybe having. also if the tech is confused and calls me I simply log in and look at what the tech is seeing. this is an awsome tool for training and helping out the newbies.

I do not have to have the Biologic Software installed on my home PC.
If on a sat or sun the MD wants a study scored I simply log in and do it from home. the report is sent through system to the MD and I never have to leave the house. (yes I am paid for this). The time clock is also accesible from the Hospital Net I simply log in and out.
We have a wonderful hospital system and found that only Biologic could be a plug and play system , yes we did buy a server for the Biologic systems this makes things even more easy. we purchased a server from CDW for 5K.
I am not all about wine and roses with Biologic. I will be honest and report any problems and difficulties as we go on down the raod.

i would like to hear from any other users of Biologic systems..If you have recently purchased or have purchased in the past year or 2 lets hear whats happening with you.
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