Grass Twin and using PTAF-2

Grass Twin and using PTAF-2

Postby Prote » Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:52 pm

Weve been using this but we are having a strange weaking of signal . Is there anyone out there who might be willing to help troubleshoot?
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Postby Rick » Thu Apr 03, 2008 11:59 pm

I work at Pro-Tech in the capacity of tech support, I'll help.
First, Grass Twin, hm, you HAVE to take the signal in through the DC inputs because the software doesn't allow the LFF to be set at 0.05 - 0.01 Hz where it should be for a pressure transducer.
If you can get a screen shot and send it to me at that will help a lot with the trouble shooting. To get a screen shot maximize the signals, only having the respiratory channels on the screen is a good start, then push CTRL ALT & Print Scrn all at the same time; this loads the screen into the clipboard; now open Word and paste it into a document and transfer to a computer that has email access, or, if the computer the study is on has email access paste directly into an email - you can right click to paste.
Hope this wasn't too much all at once.
Don't hesitate to contact me at that email address, I like to help!
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Postby sleepguy » Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:37 pm

I'd add that you need to make sure and set up your DC Cal. It's not the easiest to do with TWin. If you have multiple PC's and everything is set up identically, it's easiest to do the Cal on one system and then copy that segment of the *.ini file to the other systems.

Also, make sure all the techs know to unplug the cable from the PtAF box in the morning. We'd get crappy signals and I go and check, and all the batteries would be dead.

Finally (sorry Rick - you may want to look away) we found that the Pro-Tech cannula's kinked real easy. We went to a Braebon cannula that seems to work better.
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Postby Cennie » Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:23 am

We use Grass comets at my lab with Twin 3.8 software. We use the PTAF 2 from Protech and run it on AC. We use the designated airflow slots for Transducer and the LFF is set at 0.1 and HFF at 17 Hz. The AASM Manual lists the recommended Digital Specifications for Routine PSG Recordings for Resperation @ 0.1 Hz LFF and 15 Hz HFF.

We have used them for some time along with the CPAP titration kits from protech and have had little issues. Always make sure you check your batteries and make sure the flow tubing won't get kinked. Also use the gain set feature.

Not sure what version of Twin your running or what not...
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