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Re: Remlogic: Help regarding scoring events

Postby picklish » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:32 am

We're wandering miles of thread here (sorry Modifier!), but as far as I understand you when you say "The incoming stream of information is constant, but the conscious attaching of the current streams to emotional content is mostly held for voluntary control."

However, I don't think that most of the income stream is held in conscious control. There's the focus of looking at the screen to see that the letters I am typing aren't mispelled, and the sensation of touching the keys, but the awareness of where the keys are is a memory function, as is surroundings of the office I am sitting in, the noises of the street outside, the feel of the chair that I'm sitting in - I may be conscious off it, but its more like my memory (some cases short term memory, some cases longer term) is telling me it's there.

Then there's all the other things going on, my slightly blocked ear, an argument I had with my girlfriend, whether I'll have time for my guitar lesson this week - my brain is working away on these processes in the background

Then the animalistic drives of hunger, tiredness etc

It appears to me that lucid dreaming only slightly affects the upper one, the focus and sensation, direct and immediate. But I'm not sure that it's related to the others
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Re: Remlogic: Help regarding scoring events

Postby somnonaut » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:28 pm

Ahh, but yet ALL of those things are processed and can, at any given time, be augmented with memories or other additional sensory information (e.g. only listen for horns of cars I know.) Everything about the waking day is processed, yes some of it on sort of on a sub-conscious level (eg. our body position -"Proprioception") but it can reach a level of conscious thought either by increasing intensity (when leg starts to go numb sitting on uncomfortable chair) or by conscious desire.
My point is that we are staring at the workings of the constant tension in every process of the body, including sleep vs. wake every moment awake or asleep. And "disorders of sleep" are really only manifestations of how out of balance for any given state (wake or asleep) does the tension get (too much sleep in your wake, or too much wake in you sleep.) This is what Alpha/Delta sleep is. Too much wake in your sleep.

See, we brought the conversation around to the beginning.

And, we are still left with no better a measure of alpha/delta. Z-ratio would mimic what we do with our eyes in that, we modify what we consider to be strict SWA waves, and augment our scoring for such epochs. The Alpha does get in the way of zero crossing counting for SWA recognition so it can have a profound effect on the visual categorization/identification of SWA. The z-ratio value per second would be modified by the alpha contribution and push the z-ratio value up towards zero, doing the same as visual scoring. But again, z-ratio IS NOT sleep staging. It is Sleep/Wake GAUGING.
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