Contracting Studies for Underserved medical & nursing homes

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Contracting Studies for Underserved medical & nursing homes

Postby StuckInSleep » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:44 am

I've never liked when nursing patients come into an IDTF facility. It is very often hard on the staff and patient not to mention logistics of medical transport. I'd like to know If I can approach certain Nursing Facilities and or Underserved/Rural medical centers to perform sleep studies in their facility via contract on a per study basis? Basically if they have a special needs patient and need a full study then they can call me up and I come perform the study with my own equipment. If anyone knows the model of how to do this or what facilities this can be done at I'd appreciate any information. I would love to put my lab equipment to use and I'm sure it would fill a much needed void in sleep medicine. I assume I'd need to carry my own insurance and probably go through whatever medical orientation that is required. My first thought was to approach an Rural medical center who doesn't have a chance at having a permanent sleep center and ask their pulmonary/nuro director if they would be interested in as needed sleep study service but I'm not sure if that would work out or if it is possible. I've seen plenty of labs do yearly contracts with a medical center but they usually have a hard time keeping it staffed etc so I thought there may be a possibility for what I'm referring to. Any help is appreciated and I figure my many years of experience and my own lab equipment could help but just not sure how.
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Re: Contracting Studies for Underserved medical & nursing ho

Postby somnonaut » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:55 pm

How are you in possession or control of recording equipment that requires the order and advice of a physician to purchase? I wanted to purchase HST equipment from a major vendor and the contract they sent me required me to be part of a physician organization.
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