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Postby Sleepy in the South » Sun May 17, 2015 8:30 am

burchab1 wrote:Ok well I just spoke to the NC wage and labor department about paying different fees for the number of patients because that is what we do and what you have called me out on and said that my employees can sue my company......
I was told that what we are doing is PERFECTLY LEGAL!!! Yes that is right we are not violating any polices or laws. As long as the tech is making more that the minimum wage (which they are). We are not violating any laws.
So, There ya go.
I don't mean to sound pissy but here is the deal. If you don't like what your employer is doing or how they are paying you, quit. No one is forcing you to work there and I am sure someone else is more than willing to take your place. Would I like to pay my techs $50 an hour and pay them even when no patients show up? You bet. But I would also like to make sure we are making enough money to keep the lab open so they have a place to work and our patients have a place to come to get help.

What a dick headed statement. You and your lab is what's wrong with sleep medicine. Close your PAPPY MILL please and stop abusing your techs.
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