Salary issues- more to it. Future student

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Postby IsntMentToLast » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:43 am

truckerdave1970 wrote:
IsntMentToLast wrote:I am new here but I figured ill give you my two sense because im going through the same thing.

Im about to graduate in May, and around here there is nothing, job listing wise. Many of the labs around here don't have enough patients to be open the 6 nights a week they are supposed to. They are also forcing tech to do 3:1 on nights they are working. As the health care system is doing what ever the hell its doing, the sleep techs are getting screwed. The wage/ hr MAY go up, but the hours will be cut, right now in my area the techs are lucky to get a full pay check.

If your gung ho about sleep like I was, I definitely recommend adding to it. Im going to start my bachelors in Neuro-diagnostic and Sleep Science in the fall, so that I have a fighting chance when the whole sleep field goes to crap.

Why do you say the whole sleep field is going to crap?

That scares the crap outta me since I am one year into my 2 year degree in sleep tech.!!!

Yea its not making me feel good either trust me. Im about to graduate, just finished all of my required clinical experience for school and EVERY sing tech I worked with has said (for my area) that if they could find another job they would.

For example one lab each tech had 3 personal days every year and then would accrue more every pay period for so many hours worked. worked out usually to about 3 weeks a year. Sleep lab management company change policies so nw no personal days, only 2 holidays a year and tech are only working half the amount of hours, plus doing 3:1 ratio.

Plus keep in mind that Poly instructors seem to have thought of grandure when preaching to student how much they should make. My instructor told us that we would be making over $20 an hr, real life tech says youd be lucky if you got $16.

Like I said it was my two cents. either way I think students should be aware of what they are getting into before the last couple of months. Hell im on the fence now about the bachalor's degree I might need to look into Respiratory Therapy or EEG tech in addition to sleep.
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Postby KendallStation » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:37 am

Interesting how NC was one of the first states to start 'regulating' sleep, bringing it into the broader heathcare spectrum and I've heard lots of odd things job availabilty etc.

Wasn't that the site of one of the first online sleep programs? Maybe market was flooded? I think that's starting to happen in Mpls where I went to school and worked for 3 years, have seen less and less jobs ther.
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Re: Salary issues- more to it. Future student

Postby amandaleigh9331 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:20 am

What is the hourly pay for a RPSGT with two years of experience in the field? I know no one can be for certain. I'm just curious to what others think.
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Re: Salary issues- more to it. Future student

Postby REMFarmer » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:20 pm

Dcrazy wrote:Hi,

I have posted before. I could get into sleep within a pathway, yes RPSGT credential. As most I would shoot for the new RST. My experience is in exercise and fitness. I have overcome a lot, yes upper twenties. I wll keep this post on topic, however, I have overcome a lot( for my education and health ). Let's just say I almost died twice, and lost muscle mass. The last thre years I gained over 60+ back, and earned an associates degree. Actually between a B.S and an associates- with some credentials in fitness and rehab.
To my question guys and gals. I am nervous about sleep as a field of study. I would pursue a B.S in health information or public Health. Then a possible M.S in Biology. Those aspirations aside, cause I say that with a warming heart b/c me of all people know nothing is guaranteed in life. My question is do you expect sleep salaries to go up? I say this b/c of license not registry hitting the sleep community. Plus there is a B.S in charlotte, and more A.S sleep programs popping up. So salary with higher education? Also, does anyone make more with more credentials RST and RPSGT combined, not just RPSGT, my guess is no lol. Anyway, I know it's not all about money, but investing time and money to earn money has to be a factor.

Sorry for all the q's...just wondering with education standards up- and I will prob have a B.S soon, and more sleep credentials RST with RPSGT, plus license in certain states...vs....if true- lower reimbursement rates within the field and ehmm home sleep studies. However, won't labs abdapt to HST? Anyway HST is off topic.


My question is do you expect sleep salaries to go up? -- No way. Supply and demand. Lots of RPSGTs flooding the field, no reason to pay premium prices anymore. Plus insurances obviously are looking to cut techs out of as much of the process as possible to save money. Lots of factors working against our ability to make $ as strait RPSGT techs.

So salary with higher education? -- I assume you are asking if more education = higher salary. The easy answer is that it obviously couldn't hurt. But I dare say that just working as a strait technician, all the education in the world won't get you past the RPSGT 'ceiling' (you'd make the same as an experience RPSGT with less in the way of formal education). You seem to be gung ho for degrees, which is fantastic, but notice that everyone keeps telling you that you should do other things (ie nursing, RRT, EEG, etc). All those would make more money and open more doors for opportunity at this point. For whatever reason, you're dead set on sleep though (working nights doesn't really explain that so much as all medical positions have night shifts). Taking that into account, I would venture to say that from what I've seen personally, I think business, marketing, managerial type degrees would be the best way to get the very most out of RPSGT. The only techs that I know that are making good money and moving ahead in the field, are former techs who are running labs, opening labs, starting businesses or consulting in the sleep field, product reps, things like that. However, all those things are generally not 'night jobs' and apparently not what you are looking for. Just be aware that you can have 20 masters degrees along with your RPSGT if you want, but nobody is likely to pay you more to stick on electrodes at night for it.

does anyone make more with more credentials RST and RPSGT combined(?) -- I certainly don't and don't know anyone who does, but I got it and would recommend it. I figure can't hurt and who knows where the field will end up.
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