Is it me?

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Is it me?

Postby labman2 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:16 pm

Is it just me, or do any of you other folks find that when a docs salary is impacted with legislation such as the "doc fix" bill , the AASM takes frequent action encouraging all sorts of letters to protect the doc's salaries.... but, when lousy labs or HST, Insurance in lab denials, or other situations impact tech's salaries, there is no active robust campaign, no letter writing requests, and little action. I have received about three "urgent " emails in the last 2 weeks asking me to write letters on their behalf.

But, I think to myself....

How many good techs and good people lost their jobs with the Total Sleep bankruptcy fiasco and not a word of these unfortunate techs facing the holidays with this abrupt departure? How many sleep centers are being hurt by insurance company denials for less than stellar HST options? These situations require the same robust vigor as the "doc fix" bill.

No AASM offer of assistance that I am aware- It would be a great gesture for the AASM to post the resumes of these, and other job-seeking techs for free for their AASM member centers to review in light of openings/research projects/scoring or other opportunities at an AASM center or lab.

It would be great to recieve the "urgent" AASM letter to Oxford stating that their policy of denial for in lab studies is not in keeping with the AASM recommendations for in lab studies as it seems to carve the policy out of bits and pieces of recommendations instead of the total OCST policy.

Doc salary is important but so is the ability of a sleep center to treat patients in the proper manner with the proper test. Doc salary is important but so are the many techs that are being released through no fault of their own.

We are all in this together! :wink:
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