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Binarysleep needs you!

Postby sleepadmin » Fri Mar 21, 2003 11:20 pm

Well if the past week is any predictor of what is possible, I think this site is in for some great happenings! I have spent the past week trying to work out the kinks and make sure everything is running smooth for everybody. I’m still working on a few more, but please email me or PM me with any quirks you notice. Additionally I have come up with some projects I’m going to need some help with.

I’d like to start compiling some “FAQ’s” (frequently asked questions) for each of the sleep systems (and a few of the other categories). Ideally these will contain tricks/tips (specific to that system), common solutions to problems, hidden functions, and any other information you can provide that supplements the manufacturers documentation. The key here is to put together what the manufacturer has left out, forgotten, or otherwise left us in the dark about. Even if you just have one idea, please post it in the appropriate forum. Once a good number of them amasses, we’ll make the FAQ for that forum.

It’s imperative that we build a larger membership base to fuel new ideas, work on existing ones, and further add to our community. Some of you have told your coworkers about binarysleep, and I thank you for spreading the word. =D> I think a grass roots marketing drive should be launched. This is as simple as telling fellow techs about the site. I will be making some magnets that I’ll later send out to whoever requests them. Put them up in the office, or anywhere fellow techs can see them. If you are going to a seminar for sleep professionals, let me know ahead-of-time, and I’ll send you a supply of marketing materials.

Links Links Links
On the internet marketing front, we need to increase the number of links that point to this site. If someone types in a keyword looking for our site (sleep tech, RPSGT, etc) it’s important that hits high on Google. Google rates sites by the number of back-links that point to it. So, regardless of your sites traffic, please post a link (anywhere!) on the site.

I appreciate the feedback many have given me on the site, and I thank those of you that have recommended friends to visit. Any help with these tasks will be greatly appreciated by all, and further add the binarysleep’s success.
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