another weekend question

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another weekend question

Postby ang » Thu Apr 24, 2003 11:54 am

Wondering how other labs handle weekend studies. I am currently the only person working in our one bed lab- I do 3 studies a week- usually, mon-wed-thurs-, and come in during the day for catch-up and phone calls. I had it worked out with scheduling that if a person wants a weekend study they should call me and I will arrange it. I like to call the person and make sure they understand that I can be very flexible during the week so that it will hopefully not affect work (in case that is their concern). I have found that many people didn't realize that they could come in earlier or later ( I much rather do this than do a weekend study). Recently I had several requests for Friday nights- 4 to be exact. One actually decided to come during the week when I told him he could come in after 2nd shift- the others I will be doing on Fridays.

Here is my beef. Scheduling called my manager to "let him know" that we had received 4 requests for Friday night studies in the last 2 weeks. Instead of him asking me if I was accomodating these people, he told me to change my schedule so that I was doing studies every other Friday. I personally don't think this is right. If I automatically make Fridays a working day, of course they will fill up. I have had NO ONE complain as of yet about coming in during the week, and have made every effort to be flexible.

So enough ranting and raving.... I would like to know how the rest of the labs work this- especially small labs that can't run 7 days a week. Maybe I'm being unreasonable..... :?
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Postby Rick » Thu Apr 24, 2003 7:43 pm

Weekend work does free up your weekdays so you can go places where there aren't many folks because they are at work. Being semi-serious, at my center we never tested on Saturday nights. One reason was that no one wanted to work it and the main reason was that it was the one with the most no shows. What can you do if patients don't show on a Saturday night? Calling other patients doesn't usually work because it is still Saturday night.
Perhpas your slow and calm explanation of your interpretation of his motives as well as how you have been handling it and hey, he never got any complaints from patients, did he? If patients can be handled well and treated right while at the same time allowing you to work a good for you schedule, isn't that the point?
Think I may have digressed.
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Postby Val » Fri Apr 25, 2003 7:23 pm

I agree. Try talking with your Manager and point out that you have been, and will continue to be, flexible about weekends. I doubt he realizes that you already made several of the patients happy by explaining how things work. Point out to him that the Schedulers may need to be trained to explain about how the patient will not have to miss work. If the schedulers were better trained about the procedures, and how it works with sleep studies, then they could answer more questions and avoid some misundertandings. This would be better customer service too!
Just a thought.
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