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Neurovirtual/ Sleepvirtual

Postby SpindleMe » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:39 am

I searched the forum and only found a few posts about Sleepvirtual, and they were a few years old. I am wanting to know if anyone is actually using this system right now or very recently and what your pros/cons might be? I have experience with Nihon Koden Polysmith, Rembrant and Alice (multiple versions hated them all :( and now it looks like SleepVirtual is in my immediate future. I have only had two nights of exposure to the program and I have lots of questions, and the lab manager who claims to have been in sleep for 20 plus years is absolutely no help, I read reviews saying how easy this program is but it seems to me that it take 5 steps to complete something where NK Polysmith would have been one, and I can't decipher if she just has it set up that way and it could be more streamlined or if that's just the program. So any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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