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Postby ERIKAAMORRIS » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:17 am

So now that some of the merger dust has settled.....

Does anyone have a definite perspective on what system they would go with as part of a clean start for a 6 bed lab.

We've been Sandman from the start, but want to consider that a different platform will possibly serve us better.

Thoughts? Which software/support/equipment do you hate? Love? and Why?
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Postby Canadian Sleep Tech » Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:42 am

If you are used to Sandman then you will not like Somnologica. Takes a lot longer to score and it does not discount PLMS that dont make the grouping criteria. Rembrandt is closer to Sandman but not as good, also make sure you are comparing the S7000 series to Sandman Elite the 4000s is very limited more akin to alice 5 and Sandman basic.
Embla is working to make both the amplifiers compatible with all sets of software however the patient link unit from Somno/Rembrandt is a pain and I have never liked the idea of having my amplifier within the headbox as it is with the S7000/4000 series from Embla, I can just envision a patient dropping it in the toilet at 3 am and the thing being toast. Tech support is now completely integrated so that is not an issue. Ergo for me it is still Sandman.
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