A forum for the comparison of PSG systems used for attended sleep studies in a sleep center.

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If you were given a choice of the following whihc would you choose.

Compumedics (PSG Online/Profusion) w/o Morpheus
Compumedics (PSG Online/Profusion) with Morpheus
Alice w/o Morpheus
Alice with Morpheus
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Postby marrsz » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:18 am

I have worked at 2 sleep labs. At both we used Grass Telefactor. From what I have heard about other software like Sandman and Alice which seems to be very complicated, Grass is the most user friendly. You do not have to do 30 minute updates/ reportings on your pt. At the end of the study (or during) you have a Tech's Comment page you type in. We put the basics here-(very basic- if anything, for some tech's); except for me. I feel like my report is naked without a good description of what was observed. Also, the montage seems to be easier to manipulate. Their is a HFF and LFF rather than "gain". Everything can be adjusted according to the acquiring tech's preferences prior to or during the study. These changes can also be made after acquisition is complete. Those are the things I can think of right off the top of my head that make Grass easier/ user friendly. These are primarily comparisions to Alice since that is what my boyfriend uses at his sleep lab. Oh, also performing MSLT's are easier too: stop the study, close out, restart, hit "N" followed by the Nap # and record. You do not have to open anything else or combine anything. Grass is the only system I truly know and I love it. I would however like to work on other systems so I don't seem so biased.
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