Change to binarysleep Policies

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Change to binarysleep Policies

Postby sleepadmin » Fri Oct 17, 2003 1:25 am

I'd like to make a slight change to the current policies of binarysleep. On the page we all read (and agreed to) when becoming a member, there is a section that prohibits posting of copyrighted material. Given the educational nature of this site I'd like to ammend the policy to allow posting of what might normally be protected under US Copyright law. I'm announcing this to officially allow these postings as long as they are clearly within reasonable definition of our courts interpretation of "fair use."

Basically, "fair use" allows the reproduction of copyrighted materials for commentary and satiracal purposes. Additionally, special consideration is given when the intent of the reproduction is for educational purposes. Of course there is much more to the subject and interpretation, and I urge all of you interested in posting under this clause, to read more at this web site.

If you have an image or text scanned and would like it hosted on binarysleep, please shoot me an email.
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