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AAST New Strategic Plan

Postby tiredjohnny1 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:51 pm

AAST posted its new strategic plan. To me it is basically an outline of how to implement the AASM's new integrated delivery model. How can that be part of a strategic plan when it has not even been accepted by Medicare yet?

The information, as clearly stated, is based solely on the AASM practice parameters.

It also claims to reach out to other professional organizations. With the exception of the BRPT, all listed are 'friends' of the AASM.

The new strategic plan, as I read it, is a strategic plan for carrying out the AASM agenda.

Why isn't the Joint Commission or other accrediting agencies invited to participate? Why aren't other credentialing bodies and professional organizations that are anti-AASM invited to participate? If as claimed, the purpose of the new strategic plan is meet the changing needs of the field, then why are non-AASM groups that are clearly effecting change in the field completely excluded? And why devote so much of the strategic plan to meeting a changing need (integrated delivery) that has not even been accepted?

I really don't mind if the AAST wants to be an arm of the AASM. But the AASM's insistence that as long as they and the AAST pretend that the AAST is an independent tech organization, we will all blindly just follow. The AASM is so arrogant that they believe that techs are so stupid that we can't see what they are doing. The sad part is that it has worked to some degree. Even now there are many who think that the AAST is a tech assocation which is just not true.

Again I am not anti-AASM or anti-AAST. I am just against being lied to, having decisions made that are clearly against my interests but being presented as if they are, and being treated as if I am too stupid to know.
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Postby Jayhawkhenry » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:08 pm

Very good points. When developing a strategic plan, an organization at times seeks input from other related organizations. The AARC seeks input from ATS. At times it is in the interest of the profession to aline strategic goals with the goals of a related body.

I do not think home sleep testing is that big of an educational issue for the AAST membership to be made part of the strategic plan. The AASM's new care model is not rocket science. It has been around in practice for over a decade. By renaming a thing (OCST, integrated delivery model) and pushing it on a larger stage one can take ownership of it and help it grow in the direction you want it to.

The AAST will need to aline it self more closely with and improve communication with the BRPT if it plans to be effective in shaping the future of our profession.
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