This section is Moderated Strictly

Companies and individuals may post here to offer their services as they pertain to sleep medicine or the operation of a sleep lab.

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This section is Moderated Strictly

Postby sleepadmin » Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:44 am

The employment section of the forum is for posting wanted and available job positions. Questions can be posted in reply, but ideally should be sent directly to the topic originator. Opinions and allusions should not be posted here. Feel free to post your opinions in the "Miscellaneous Topics" area.

This section is: Moderated Strictly

This section of the forums is moderated a bit stricter than some other sections. Polite dialog and professionalism is required. Violations will result in editing or deletion of your post. This rule is in effect 06/10/06, (older posts exempt).
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