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Postby bob » Sat Feb 05, 2005 2:14 pm

SInce you have recent experience with several leading systems it would be interesting to hear just a few comments - positive or negative on each. How do they stack up beside each other? What needs to be done to imporve them?
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Postby MMMCKEN » Sat Feb 05, 2005 7:08 pm


I don't mind listing my opinion about these products, since this is the Cadwell message board I will start with them.

Cadwell scoring software is all I have exposure to, so keep that in mind. Their tech support is OK, not exceptional. They could go further to listen to the questions being asked and do some extra education when someone such as myself calls asking so many questions about how to use the software. The actual software, once I figured it out, was nice to use. I don't think its difficult to use once you get the basics down, so that is a plus for them.

CompuMedics is my least favorite to work with, seemed more fragile than most sleep systems. Scoring on it was OK, no Auto Detect feature (This could have changed with the newer versions they have). Tech support was non existent, you were left to save yourself with them.

BioLogics: Tech support was good, responsive. System was nice, if you are a experienced tech. and know about sensitivity and filter settings it is really flexible. However, the person that set up the lab from BioLogics created the montage to require 4 GROUNDS, what is that for?? I did not care for that extra work, which has no benefit for a standard sleep study. Scoring on the system was like Cadwell, once you got the basics down and learned the shortcuts, it went smoothly.

REMBrandt: Tech support is very helpful, even the Hardware department knows about the software. Scoring is easy to pick up, the batch processing made scoring events very easy, but it is complicated to set up (BUT the tech support person, Karen, was very patient and did a wonderful job explaining how to do it) Downside is that most of their AMPs, Monet and Artisan, use fiber optic cable and have alot of components to them, so there can be any number of reasons your unable to start your study. This system is also very good for a lab doing more than your standard polysomnogram, I would suggest this system for experienced techs only.

Somnologica: Since this system merged with the makers of REMBrandt, the tech support is the same, very helpful. This system is very user friendly and good for new labs and new techicians. Scoring and Collection are done in the same software program, which is nice. However, it is not very easy to make changes to your recording template and if you have the new system, 7000 series, everything HAS to be plugged in and functional to start your study. And if you have not seen this system, call the rep and look at it. You have a Comm. Unit (AMP), which connects to the Bedside Unit (Headbox) which connects to the Patient Unit (this give you Body Position, and you plug the Resp. Belts and Flow into this) which connects to the pulse ox.

My lab uses the Somnologica, with the 7000 headbox and the A10 headbox. I really like it, even with some of its obsticles that I mentioned.
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Postby bob » Fri Mar 04, 2005 1:38 pm

Thanks for your reply.
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only experienced on two...

Postby countnsheep » Tue Nov 27, 2007 6:32 am

Rembrant and Polysmith. I have to say that although Polysmith has some drawbacks to it...I can not even remember any of them after using Rembrant!

Polysmith is easy to use (even for Doctors!). Montages are easy to access and change, look back feature shows a visual of the pt's position, as well as cpap pressure, sao2, and everything else. it shows the epochs, total recording time, and even has an easy scroll bar to locate the exact spot you wish to go to. Buttons at top of toolbar are quick references to go immediately to front or end of study. Staging is easy while aquiring, and reports are easy to run. Best yet, several people can stage/score the same study, and you can easily run a comparison of your techs for QC reasons.

All in all, the Polysmith has it all over the Rembrant system. Good luck in yoru search. Wish I had reviews of other systems.
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Postby somnonaut » Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:31 pm

"All in all, the Polysmith has it all over the Rembrant system."


You can't even clip a channel in Polysmith.
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