How a sleep technician training should be?

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Postby lil_miss_sleeptech » Thu May 03, 2012 2:52 am

I was an OJT with no medical experience to speak of. I LOVE sleep medicine! I feel learning both at the same time really benefitted me (some learn better separating book knowledge and experience, but a blended approach was very helpful). If I saw something I didn't understand, I asked lots of questions, dug up articles, and surfed Binary (of course :wink: ). And I also agree with matter what path a person takes to becoming a sleep tech, be it OJT or degree, your dedication is what determines how competent you are.

That being said, another really helpful thing in training new techs is to have another experienced tech around to ask lots of questions. I feel SO bad for techs that have posted on here who are all alone in the middle of the night with no one on-call after a week of training! :shock: So, to all the trainers out there, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE lots of questions!
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Re: How a sleep technician training should be?

Postby Danansmith » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:26 am

I am very interested in this post. I would like to know all the various opinions on this issue. I will pay further attention to this post, thanks!
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